Morocco Overland 2 is a Trailblazer title from Chris Scott, author of
Sahara Overland, The Adventure Motorcycling Handbook and the Overlanders' Handbook.

ghrwMorocco Overland 2 is an updated edition of the route guide to exploringsouthern Morocco's spectacular landscapes; from the snow-clad High Atlas to the dunes of the Sahara and the Mauritanian border beyond.

Whether withyour own van, 4WD, motorcycle or a mountain bike, or are flying in to rent locally, Morocco Overland 2 covers everything the regular guide books miss out to help make the most of your adventure in southern Morocco on road and track.

• 56 routes covering over 10,000km with hundreds of GPS waypoints
• Scenic byways suitable for all vehicles, including campervans
• Expert guidance on 4WD, 2WD, motorcycle or MTB choice and preparation
• Off-road riding and driving guidelines
• Moroccan ferries, border procedures, port maps and fly-drive options
• Author's recommendations on places to stay
• Additional online content including mapping and imagery